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Investing in Your Wedding - Investing in Sculpture 29/04/2014 - 11:04

A friend of mine recently told me that her father did not wish to pay any money towards her wedding as it was ‘not an investment’

This surprised me in many ways, not least because surely a daughter’s happiness is one of the most important investments a father can make.

But also, is the money spent on a wedding just thrown away on the day? Other than memories and happiness, will you take many material items away with you? You can of course buy some wonderful keepsakes and make items to treasure for the rest of your lives, maybe as table centerpieces, invitations and decorations.

The photographs are another thing that you have bought and will keep forever.

The majority of material items you will in fact take away are the gifts that your family and friends have bought for you. This may be as many individual pieces for use in the home and garden. If you have chosen a honeymoon fund then again, you will not keep this but it will bring you wonderful memories.

However, if you were to choose a Sculpture Gift List, you will indeed be making an investment with your wedding. Your sculpture will stay with your for a lifetime, and be passed down through future generations. It may also grow in financial value so take your time to choose a sculpture that you can treasure forever.